Oia Santorini

Teen of the 70's, Artist, Jewelry Maker, Photographer.
Rebecca M. Beal was born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1959. As a child showing promise in art, her parents enrolled her in Art Instruction Schools. Later studying with a local portrait artist in the late 70's early 80's, introduced her to oils, which quickly became her passion. She continued some of her education at the University of San Juan, in portrait studies. Art completed while there was donated to the school and sold at auction. She then took a break to raise 2 wonderful young men, she states is her most creative endeavor. Paintings, drawings created during these years were picked up as completed by interested collectors. She spent the next 20 years in sales management.
My beginnings..... I opted for a corporate sales career as I raised my children. It’s like the unspoken verse; we have to do what we have to do, to financially support our families. While working in my Corp Sales career, I am trying to remember the year, 1997, I think… My life changed 360 degrees. I had the dreaded dark night of the soul. In one year my beloved father died, I got my second divorce, had to have major surgery, followed by 10 more, that took 5 years to recover from, two years later I had a heart attack. During the surgery years I had to move out of my home so I rented it out and moved in with my elderly mom. Now 16 years later I as I look back on my life I can see the changes (that felt like tragedy) turn into doing what I love & loving with whom I am doing it.

We are now watching our out-dated system crumbling and coming to the end of its life. We have learned and changed how we view life. It’s about being who we came here to be with integrity and living what we love. Not being stuck in outdated mentalities of someone we were told we had to be, just for a pay check. So I “live my dream”.
We now look for better ways to be people lovers and earth friendly. It’s about living genuine, stop the polluting of our oceans, our skies, our drinking water. Growing or purchasing organic (pesticide, antibiotic free) food. Supporting the individual, oh they have so many wonderful ideas about free energy, art, spiritual commerce, liberation and prosperity for our personal lives and the globe. We now look for ways to work together, WE CAN DO IT and we are doing it. What an awesome time to be alive!

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